Credit Card Services Have Differing Tastes

by ccprocessing on April 17, 2012

Aren’t all credit card services the same? Don’t they all provide a terminal and send the customer’s information back to their headquarters, and then send it on to the customer’s bank? Don’t they all come back within a moment or two and tell you whether the purchase is approved or declined? Don’t they all send you a statement.

Yes, and no. It’s kind of like asking whether all chocolate cakes are the same. Don’t they all have flour and sugar and some sort of cocoa bean product? Don’t they all taste the same?

Of course not. They may have similar ingredients, but that doesn’t meant that they will all taste alike because there are small differences between them – enough so that one will suit us just fine whereas another will fail us miserably.

Take a taste: not all credit card services are the same.

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