Info On Your Credit Card Processing Statement

by ccprocessing on April 13, 2019

On your monthly credit card processing statement, you will find Visa/MC/Discover Processing Charges, Card Association Fees, and Other Transaction Charges and Authorization Fees. If that’s not enough, there’s another section called Other Fees.

Besides all that, each Visa and Mastercard company has it’s own fee structure so that, for instance, not all Visas are created equal. One may have a percentage rage of .1100 while another charges .4500. The Processing Charges Interchange Rate can range from 0 to 1.95 to 2.2 to 2.8%. It’s all spelled out very carefully on your statement.

When you look at the totals, you might start to think that it is costing you an awful lot just to receive payments. Keep in mind, though, that those customers would likely not  come to your business at all, otherwise.

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