Tempting Taste Treats Available Thanks To Credit Card Processing

by ccprocessing on April 19, 2019

Everyone loves the scent of a bakery where the aroma of freshly baking bread, and cakes makes you want to stay forever. Then there’s the colorful beauty of the baked goods. A woman who walks in to purchase one item will likely buy two if you have credit card processing.

And rightly so! She may have come in for one item, but perusing the tempting wares puts the thought into her head that there may just be another occasion for which she needs something as well. So now a portion of the money that would have been spent at the grocery store becomes the baker’s instead: not more spent, just spent in his location instead of someone else’s.

That’s the joy of accepting credit cards. Even though a small percentage goes to the merchant account, without the option the baker wouldn’t have had the sale at all.

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