Secure Payments Ease The Mind

by ccprocessing on November 10, 2011

The last thing you want to worry about is theft, and yet it needs to be the first thing that you consider. You need to have secure payments for your products or else what would be the point of building a business just so that someone else whom you don’t even know could benefit from your efforts?

Accounting classes always stress the importance of “safeguarding the assets.” Of course!  Cash is king, and always great to have, but it can be stolen without a trace and occasionally it may be counterfeit. Checks are a convenient way for a customer to give his cash to you via the two bank accounts involved. But woe to the merchant who gets a bounced check after the customer leaves, only to find that he has disappeared from the face of the earth!

What’s left? The security of credit card payments, that’s what. For the little bit extra that you pay each month, you have someone who has your back – someone who is checking to see if that card is valid and current and hopefully in the correct hands.


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